The Animal Hospital of North Charleston

Full Service Vet Clinic

The Animal Hospital of North Charleston is proud to offer a full-range of services for all of our patients, from puppies and kittens to senior pets, and everything in between. Along with wellness programs tailored to your pet’s unique needs, we strongly value preventative care as part of your pet’s overall health and happiness.

Pet X-Ray & Diagnostics

In addition to leading preventative care and wellness services, our facility is home to advanced diagnostic technology capable of catching disease and illness sooner. Our diagnostic services include but are not limited to: radiology, digital dental radiology, ultrasound, internal parasite screening, urinalysis, and much more—all of which can be quickly and confidently analyzed at our in-house lab!

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Animal Wellness Protocols

Canine and feline care performed at The Animal Hospital of North Charleston is outlined here! General wellness, vaccines, parasite prevention, blood work and dental care explained.

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Pet Dental Services

Dental disease in pets is treated and prevented with dental exams and cleanings. Learn the symptoms of dental disease and how to help your pet.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

The doctors and staff at The Animal Hospital of North Charleston understand that surgery is not an easy experience for the client or the pet. We strive to not only ensure that each pet’s surgery is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, but also to provide our clients with a clear understanding of what the procedure entails and why it is necessary for their pet. It is our mission to provide quality surgical care as well as any and all information our clients need to feel comfortable that they are making the right choice for their pet.

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Pet Pharmacy

The Animal Hospital of North Charleston is equipped with a full, in-house pharmacy for your convenience. If your pet needs additional products that we do not carry in-house, we can easily and readily assist you in ordering products online from our trusted online store.

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We are located on the corner of Ashley Phosphate and Dorchester Road in North Charleston, right next to Walgreens. We share a parking lot.

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