Diagnostic Care


In many cases, your pet may be experiencing an ailment or illness that cannot be detected by a comprehensive physical examination alone. Diagnostic tools and procedures allow the veterinary professionals at the Animal Hospital of North Charleston determine the origin of pain or illness. This is why we maintain a facility equipped with advanced diagnostic technology to produce accurate and accelerated diagnoses.

Our diagnostic services include and are not limited to:


Our facility is able to accommodate hospitalization services during the day, however, no over-night hospitalization is offered. If your pet requires over-night hospitalization we will be happy to transfer the patient to a separate, local location.


Digital Radiology is computerized which achieves a greater level of detail in X-Ray images. This allows our veterinarians to instantly view, manipulate and examine diagnostic information from a single photo. These high quality images can quickly and easily be shared with you to begin discussing the best treatment options. Your pet will be back on their feet again in no time! If your companion requires specialty care from a veterinary specialist, these images can be conveniently forwarded.

X-Rays are a fundamental tool used to accurately diagnose complete dental health. Dental care is critical and without the assistance of digital radiology, many painful complications would be left unseen- jaw and tooth fractures, abnormal roots, tumors, stomatitis, cysts, abnormal, malpositioned, missing, dead, or alive teeth, and foreign objects under the gums. Let us keep those chops healthy and pain-free!


Over the past 20 years, diagnostic imaging has continued to improve in the veterinary field. Now, internal organs can be visualized and examined allowing our veterinarians to identify points of discomfort, pain and potential problems. Not to mention, the process is totally non-invasive with less expense for you!


Our in-house laboratory helps us better aid your pet. Say farewell to waiting 24 hours for test results from an outside lab! This commodity allows us to quickly and easily test your pet for common conditions, even if symptoms are not present. If your pet is ill or injured, treatment is faster and more accurate, therefore speeding up the treatment and recovery period. Common tests processed in our in-house laboratory include complete blood counts, blood chemistry profiles, urinalysis, skin scrapings and needle biopsies.

At times, less common and non-urgent tests will be processed in an outside lab.


The staff at the Animal Hospital of North Charleston is trained to treat an array of disorders of the skin, ears, hair, and nails. Experienced in the treatment of allergies and immunology, we are prepared to address concerns such as allergic induced skin conditions, skin cancer, parasitic infections, chronic ear infections, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disease and peri-anal furunculosis.


Our team wants your lovable companions to have the highest orthopedic health and comfort. Traumatic injuries, degenerative joint conditions and developmental abnormalities can be extremely painful. We are here to help with services designed to treat and manage symptoms: